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Fix the Family bringing you "Truth without Compromise." Mission Making marriages rock-solid and keeping kids Catholic. Company Overview What will it take to fix the social, moral, educational, political, and financial woes of society and the Church? First we have to Fix the Family, the basic unit of society. Fix the Family bringing you "Truth without Compromise." Description Fix the Family is a lay Catholic Apostolate formed to aid and support Catholics, married or aspiring to marriage, in making their marriages rock-solid and raising their children to be strong in their Catholic Faith empowering them to resist the pull away from the Church by emphasizing authentic masculinity and femininity and offering a practical application of the solid teachings of the Catholic Faith. DISCLAIMER: No content presented by Fix the Family or Citadel Catholic Media violates or contradicts Official Catholic Church Teaching, Dogma, or Doctrine. Further, content is based on such Teaching and is frequently and appropriately referenced in the content itself. Content presented is an APPLICATION of such teaching as has been practiced for centuries and generations placed in a context of contemporary living. That being said, not everything presented and recommended is necessarily REQUIRED under the pain of SIN. However, we have found that when such recommendations are followed, favorable results have been attained by families across a broad spectrum of financial classes, income levels, worker/career scales, races, and even religions. Nothing is presented for the purpose of posing an offense to anyone listening or partaking. Some may find that they are unable to implement recommendations due to their stage of life at present. That is unfortunate. So we present such recommendations to improve such situations for future generations. We welcome questions, comments, and most especially criticisms and are glad to answer and elaborate on the content AS IT IS STATED. Please listen or read thoroughly YOURSELF before making judgments, drawing conclusions, or making accusations. Seek to understand. Thank you for listening, and enjoy the show….